Ultimate Guide For Black German Shepherd 2021

One of the rarest breeds, the Black German shepherd, is often considered defective or crossbreed. But all these are simply myths, The black color actually comes under the breed standard of a German shepherd.

Are you planning to have a black German shepherd, but don’t know the way to raise this breed, here we present you an ultimate guide for Black German shepherd 2021.

Those who are looking for an active and unique dog breed should consider this dog. But make sure you may need to face a bit of shedding problem with this breed. If you don’t mind a little bit of shedding then do have this unique and rare breed, it will prove to be your perfect canine companion. They are loyal, brave, and smart dog breed along with having some unique characteristics that make this dog an ultimate canine buddy for you! This breed with its striking appearance will surely catch your eyes and will leave its paw prints on your heart.

Black German shepherd

In the case when you are interested in this loyal dog breed, then here we present you a complete guide for Black German shepherd thus help you make your decision.

An Ultimate Guide for Black German shepherd 2021

  • The black German shepherd was originally bred for herding purposes but now it is popular as a companion and working dog. With its unique appearance and rare variety of GSD, this breed is reported as the second most favorite breed in America.
  • They have a loyal, brave, and protective nature and no other breed can compete them in intelligence. This breed is known to have protective nature and they will protect you with their life.
  • Not only as a pet, but the black German shepherd breed is also commonly used in police and the military. They are more popular in the military as they can be easily trained as attack dogs, guard dogs, and sniffer dogs.
  • Though they are not naturally aggressive, with training, it is possible to increase their aggression and turn them into guard dogs or attack dogs.
  • With proper socialization and obedience training, you can make them learn to behave well in society. Because of their natural calm temperament, they are a good option to be kept with kids.

Black German shepherd appearance

The black German shepherd is a medium to long-sized breed with a straight coat. They have a dense coat and the outer side of the coat is sometimes wiry. This breed of GSD has a double coat, the outer one is wiry while the inner one is a bit soft.

They have a long muzzle and chiseled face and a semi-pointed an erect triangular-shaped ears perch on its head. The younger pups may have floppy ears, otherwise, it is erect in adult dogs.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this breed is their straight back which ends with a bushy tail. The black German shepherd pup may be in different colors like white, grey, or black but will display the pure black color by eight weeks of age.

Are black German shepherd breed rare?

Yes, they are one of the rarest breeds on the planet. A black German shepherd is born when the fetus receives both of the recessive color genes. In the case when both the parent are black German shepherds, then the pup will always be a black German shepherd as both the parent have the only recessive color gene.

Black German shepherd

Is Black German shepherd expensive?

Since they are one of the rarest breeds, yes they are a little bit expensive than the ordinary German shepherd. And the loyal, brave, and protective nature of this breed increase its worth away more.

Does the Black German shepherd change its color?

In the case when you notice that your Black German shepherd along with increasing age is getting white hairs or turning brown, Then your dog is not a black German shepherd but is actually an ordinary German shepherd.

The black German shepherd puppy may be in different colors like grey, white, or black, but will surely display the true black color by the eighth week of the age.
Some black German shepherds are reported to have white or brown colored patches on legs, paws, or chest. Sometimes they get darker along with age, but they could persist as well.

The white or brown patches on the body of the black germen shepherd don’t mean that they are not a pure breed. In fact, some purebred black germen shepherds are known to have patches on their bodies for their entire life.

Is the black German shepherd aggressive?

No, in general, black German shepherds are not aggressive. With proper training and early socialization, you can raise them in well-mannered dogs. Also, you can trust these dogs with kids and other small pets.

In the case when you want them to perform the duty as a guard dog or attack dog, they can be trained in that way. Since it is possible to increase their aggression level with training, they are preferred in military and police services.

Black German shepherd care

Here we present you the guide to take care of your black German shepherd:


These are active and energetic type dog so requires more amount of food. Also, they are larger in size in comparison to other GSD, so need more quantity of food. You can feed them with vegetables, cereals, and animal proteins for their daily requirements.

In the case when you opt for commercial food for your canine buddy, then prefer having high-quality dog food. Low-quality dog food contains a higher amount of fillers which is not so good for your pooch.

And the amount of the food should be as recommended. Overfeeding can lead t obesity while underfeeding will deprive their health.

You can offer them treat for training purpose but make sure you are not giving treat so much, as these can also cause obesity in them. Instead, you can prefer offering them some crunchy vegetables as treat.


The black German shepherds are an energetic and active dog, so require daily 1 hours of exercise. You should provide them with sufficient space to play. They will gladly participate in several dog sports like running, jumping, agility, and many more.

As they are intelligent, you can train them to walk on the treadmill. This will help you offer your dog sufficient exercise without going outside.

Training and socialization

Like other dogs, the black German shepherd also requires early socialization and obedience training or other training. For socialization, you should start taking your black GSD pup out from the very beginning and introduce them to other pets, people, and places.

Training can be done easily with positive reinforcement. You should reward them with their favorite things on good behavior. They will soon learn that what behavior brings them to treat and they will start repeating the same behavior.


Since they have a double coat, so require daily grooming and brushing. A wiry bristle brush is good for their bushing requirements.

You can bathe them twice a week in summer and once in two weeks in winter. Regular nail trimming, cleaning of ears, and hygiene procedures need to be followed.

Health care

You should adopt the dog from a reputable breeder and make sure they are not having any genetic diseases. Vaccination and de-worming should be done as your vet prescribes.

In the case when you find something unusual in your black GSD, do consult your vet.

The bottom line

So this was a complete guide on a Black German shepherd. Those who don’t mind a little bit of shedding and are looking for some unique and loyal breed should consider this breed.

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