Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

Rabbits in their wild as well as pet lifestyle, love eating all kinds of vegetables. Vegetables are safe and healthy for bunnies as well and they should be included in a healthy bunny diet along with hay, straw, fruits, and a little quantity of carbohydrates. Broccoli is also a healthy, vitamin and much more nutrient-packed vegetable healthy for humans. But is it healthy for bunnies as well? Can rabbits eat broccoli?  

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss on can bunnies eat broccoli? Is it healthy for them? can rabbits eat broccoli plant’s other parts? Is broccoli safe for rabbits? If yes, then what should be quantity of the broccoli to be added to the diet of bunny? What should be the cautions to be adopted before feeding broccoli for rabbits?

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

Well, this nutrient-packed vegetable is safe for bunnies. The answer to the question can rabbits eat broccoli is yes, it is completely safe for bunnies. Though it might cause acidity issues in bunnies and might cause a bit of digestive upset, otherwise, it is healthy stuff for your long-eared friend. 

Acidity in bunnies is generally not a big issue, still, if you want your bunny to never suffer from the issue of digestive upset, be careful while giving the broccoli vegetable to them.

can rabbits eat broccoli

Since bunnies are having a very sensitive digestive system, it is recommended to add broccoli in small quantities in the beginning in order to let your bunny tummy accommodate this leafy vegetable and then gradually increase its quantity. In the case when you find your bunny facing acidity issues and other digestive upsets after eating broccoli, discontinue it in their diet and go with alternate leafy vegetables. 

How Much Broccoli Is Good for Bunnies?

At the beginning of, week, offer your bunny 1 tablespoon of broccoli daily. When you do not notice any changes in their stool and find your bunny easy and comfortable, gradually increase the amount of broccoli over time. 

Rabbits and Broccoli

Bunnies are small herbivore creatures and they love eating leafy vegetables. Also, the leafy vegetables are essential for this small, long-eared creature as they are rich in fiber which is required for their healthy tummy.

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Rabbits require a big portion of fibers every day in their diet for their healthy gut movement. Since broccoli is rich in fiber amount, it is good to add this to your bunny’s diet. 

Always add new food items in small quantities in the beginning to your bunny’s diet and figure out if there is no digestive upset and another kind of allergy in bunny. When you find the new stuff safe, continue its use and increase its quantity gradually. 

What Are the Precautions While Offering Broccoli to a Bunny?

When you are finally determined to add broccoli to your bunny’s diet, we recommend you introduce a small quantity of broccoli in the beginning. When you find your bunny to be healthy and not showing any changes in their stool, not showing any discomfort signs, increase its quantity gradually over time. 

Why Do Bunnies Love Eating Broccoli?

Like humans, the rabbits also love eating those stuff that pleases their taste buds. I guess, most rabbits like the taste of broccoli and thus love eating this leafy vegetable.

Is Broccoli Good for Bunnies?

As mentioned before, yes, like humans, broccoli is good for bunny’s health as well. They are highly nutritious and vitamin-rich diets and also have a rich quantity of fibers which is good for the bunny’s health as well as the gut.

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Broccoli in moderate amounts with proper caution is completely safe for bunnies and instead, then it is part of a varied diet as recommended by a veterinarian, it is healthy for them.

Be careful, as broccoli is high in sugar quantity as well, so should be given in small or moderate quantity only. Too much quantity of broccoli can not only cause digestive upset but can lead to obesity in rabbits as well. 

Is Broccoli Bad for Bunnies?

No, broccoli is not bad for rabbits unless they are in very high quantity or given in high quantity suddenly to the rabbit. When broccoli is part of a varied diet, they are completely safe for most of the bunnies unless they are not having any kind of allergy from this leafy vegetable.

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Plants as a Whole?

Yes, all the part of the broccoli plant is safe for bunnies unless their gut is not much sensitive. Some parts of the broccoli plant might cause acidity and digestive issues in bunnies, thus we recommend you to monitor that how your bunny responds to the different parts of the broccoli plant in their diet.

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Leaves?

The answer to the question, Can rabbits eat broccoli leaves is a big yes. It is even safer than the broccoli vegetable. Since the leaves the part of the broccoli plant is richer in fiber amount, thus is generally the preference of bunnies to eat.

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Stems?

The answer to the question, Can rabbits eat broccoli stems is also yes. But make sure, you are not giving it in a high amount as they are more likely to cause acidity and digestive issues in bunny in comparison to broccoli leaves and florets. In this case, we recommend you monitor, how your bunny responds to the broccoli stem in their diet. 

can rabbits eat broccoli

As mentioned before, introduce broccoli stem in small quantity in the beginning and then gradually increase its quantity.

Can Rabbits Have Broccoli Stalks?

Again, the stalk of the broccoli plant in moderate amounts is good for bunnies. Though many owners find that the broccoli stalk is more likely to cause acidity issues in rabbits food, just monitor how your bunny responds to this part of the broccoli plant.                  

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli – Raw and Cooked?

Both the raw and cooked broccoli is safe for bunnies. The raw broccoli contains more nutrients in comparison to the cooked one thus should be preferred. Though the cooked broccoli is also safe, make sure you are not adding any other stuff to enhance the taste of the broccoli. It might cause a digestive issue in bunnies.         

My Rabbit Ate Broccoli – What Should I Do?

Many owners panic when they find their bunny has eaten broccoli, well, there is nothing to worry about. Broccoli in every stage whether cooked or raw, leaves, stem, or any other part of the broccoli plant, all are safe for the bunny.

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In the case when your rabbit food has consumed a large quantity of this leafy vegetables, there will be a sudden change in their diet and thus can lead to digestive upset. But it is not so serious issue and can be treated successfully. 

Note: When you notice any change in the stool of your rabbit after consuming broccoli, consult the veterinarian. 

Can Broccoli Help in Treating Heart Disease in Bunnies?

Broccoli is known to contain a compound namely Sulforaphane. A small study suggests that this compound in broccoli helps in treats some heart disease in bunnies. 

A laboratory study shows that the Sulforaphane compound in broccoli helps in treating high blood pressure and Atherosclerosis (A heart disease condition of blood vessels) in bunnies. They are known to repair the damaged blood vessels in rabbits. 

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Broccoli?

The gut of a baby bunny is different from its parents. They have a different dietary requirements. It is not recommended to introduce fresh vegetables in the diet of baby rabbits until they are six months old. The same thumb rule goes with broccoli as well. So do not add broccoli to the diet of kit’s diet until they are six months old.

Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli Every Day?

Bunnies are herbivore creatures and thus acquire fibers and other nutrients from a plant-based diet only. Vegetables are rich in fibers and many other kinds of nutrients and thus should be added in considerable amount in their daily diet. 

Broccoli is a highly nutritious and fiber-rich vegetable and thus can be added daily to the diet of bunny unless they are not sensitive to this leafy vegetable. 

The Bottom Line

So this is a complete guide on can rabbits eat broccoli. As mentioned, broccoli is completely safe and healthy for bunnies and can be added to their diet with precautions. If you have any queries, then do ask us via the comment section.          

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