Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Rabbits are the most adorable pets who loving snacking on human food. But all human foods safe for us are not safe for our bunnies as well. Some may prove harmful or toxic to our beloved bunnies. One such fruit which is always in question is that can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Well, the answer to this question is Yes. They can eat but in little amounts. The tomatoes are rich in sugar content which is not so healthy but safe to feed. Also, tomatoes are poor in essential nutrients required by our bunnies. So, along with tomatoes, it is essential that you are providing them another food source also having the required amount of all essential nutrients required by the rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

Also, because of high sugar content, it is not advisable to feed tomatoes in more amounts to the bunnies. We recommend offering tomatoes as treat. If you are treating your bunnies with tomatoes, make sure you are not offering tomatoes more than any amount of cherry tomato every day. 

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, can rabbits eat tomatoes but not in a large amount. Feeding the tomatoes to bunnies as a whole diet is an absolutely wrong choice. Along with being rich in sugar content, they lack several nutrients required by bunnies. 

You should always offer tomatoes a treat to bunnies. Tomatoes in large amounts may be harmful. It is essential to offer the bunnies the food having all essential nutrients, fibers, and all essential minerals and vitamins.

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We recommend you to offer tomatoes only in a small amount not more than the size of a cherry tomato each day. Also, don’t forget to cut the tomatoes into small pieces in order to avoid the chances of choke in cute bunnies. 

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Safely?

The answer is somewhat between yes and no. Though the fruit part of tomatoes is safe but the stem, plant, leaves, and seeds of this fruit are toxic for rabbits. The seeds, leaves, stems, flower, and green fruit contains an alkaloid namely solanine which is known to cause digestive upset and gastroenteritis in rabbits. This toxin is reported to cause serious health issues in bunnies. 

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Other Parts Like Leaves, Stems?

No, other parts of tomatoes are not safe for bunnies. The stem, flower, seeds, and other plant part contains a toxin namely Solanine which is reported to cause gastrointestinal track issues, digestive upsets, and other health issues in rabbits.

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Also, the green part for tomatoes or raw tomatoes is highly hazardous for bunnies. It is advised to offer only the properly ripen tomato to rabbits. The green or raw tomato is known to contain chemicals namely Solanine which is hazardous for bunnies.  

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Other Varieties Like Cherry Tomatoes?

Yes, the good news is that the cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, and all other tomato varieties are safe for bunnies. But the thing you should consider is that you need to offer the tomatoes in a moderate amount only. Make sure, you are offering the other green part of these tomato varieties as well. 

Health Issues Associated With Tomatoes in Bunnies


Pesticides are highly harmful to rabbits. While offering the tomatoes to rabbits, make sure it is properly washed and not having remnants of pesticides attached to it. 

Raw Tomato

The green tomato and raw tomato contains highly toxic chemicals namely Solanine which is the reason for digestive upsets and many more health issues in bunnies. 

Rotten Tomato

Like raw tomato, rotten tomato is also not preferred for bunnies. Rotten tomatoes can cause diarrhea and other health issues in bunnies. 


It is advised to check the tomatoes for parasites as they can cause potentially hazardous issues of parasites in rabbits. 

Processed Tomatoes

The canned tomatoes and processed tomato products are rich in sugar content and also contain several chemicals not safe for bunnies. So we recommend you avoid feeding any processed tomato products. Instead, feed your bunnies with only properly ripened and clean tomatoes. 

Other Parts of Tomato Plant

Other parts of tomato plant like stem, flower, seeds, and leaves are toxic to rabbits. They also contain Solanine which is reported to cause digestive issues and other health issues in rabbits. 

Baby Bunnies

The stomachs of baby bunnies are way more sensitive to digestive issues. To avoid giving any type of tomato or tomato products to baby bunnies. Avoid giving tomato fruit to baby bunnies until they reach the age of 12 weeks.     

What Do Bunnies Eat?

Though feeding tomatoes to bunnies are not as complicated as nuclear science, still there are some precautions you need to consider while feeding the tomatoes to your bunny. Here we are presenting you step by step guide on can bunnies eat tomatoes:

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  1. First remove the stem, leaf, and other green parts from the properly ripened clean tomato. 
  2. Wash the fruit properly in order to get rid of all pesticides and other chemicals. 
  3. Now cut it into small bite-sized pieces in order to avoid the choking hazard. 
  4. Remove all the seeds. 
  5. Give the tomatoes equivalent to the size of cherry tomato. 
  6. Place the leftover tomato safe in an air-tight container in the fridge and use it the next day.

Note: Don’t feed tomatoes to the bunny with health issues like gastroenteritis, obesity, diabetes, and similar issues.

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes

What Are the Precautions You Should Adopt While Feeding Tomatoes to Bunnies?

Though the tomato fruit is safe for bunnies it not the safest choice for your rabbit. Here are some precautions you should consider while feeding your bunny with tomatoes:

  1. Make sure you are giving tomatoes in small amounts only as a treat. 
  2. It is recommended to cut tomatoes in pieces in order to avoid choking hazards in rabbits. 
  3. Remove the seed, leaves, stem, and plant portion of the fruit carefully as it may prove toxic to your bunny. 
  4. The gastrointestinal tract of bunny kids is way more sensitive and thus avoids giving tomatoes to small bunnies.         
  5. Don’t offer the green or raw tomato as it contains solanine which is toxic to rabbits.
  6. Don’t feed tomatoes to ill bunny having digestive issues, obesity issues, diabetes issues, and other similar health issues.   

The Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on can rabbits eat tomatoes. Yes, you can feed tomatoes to bunnies but in a small amount only. Do consider all the precautions while feeding tomatoes to your bunny.


Why Rabbits Should Not Be Given Many Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are having contain a toxin namely solanine which is deleterious for rabbit’s health. This is the reason why rabbits should be do rabbits eat tomatoes.

What Happens if a Rabbit Eats a Lot of Tomatoes?

Eating so many tomatoes might lead to digestive upset in bunnies.

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Leaves? If Not, Why?

No, the leaves portion of tomatoes is also rich in chemical solanine which is not good for rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes Whole Oats?

Yes, but it should be small in size and should only as a treat.

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