Best Guide for First Time Cat Owners

Are you going to be a cat owner for the first time? Taming a cat is not as simple? There are several things you need to prepare before you bring a cat to your home. A first time cat owner needs to consider several things from choosing the litter box for training purposes to the right and nutritious cat food. 

In this article, we will discuss the things you should consider while taming a cat for the first time.

First time cat owner

First Time Cat Owners Should Consider Before Getting a Cat

So you have finally decided to tame a cat? Then here are some things you need to consider before introducing your kitty to your home.  

Kitten Food

You should offer your cat food that is specially designed for food. Several human foods can be deleterious for her health and can even lead to the death of the cat. 

If you think that your adopting a kitty will deny the food items that are fatal for her, then you are wrong. She doesn’t know what to eat and what should be avoided. It is you who need to be responsible for her diet.

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Grapes, chocolate, raisins, and dairy products can cause stomach pain and bleeding in cats and can lead to death. To prevent your kitty from eating these kinds of stuff. 

Plants Poisonous to Cats

Several outdoor plants and decoration plants we are having in our home can have a deleterious impact on your kitty’s health. Plants like oleander, lilies, tulips, etc. are more commonly available in-house for decoration purposes. But when your cat to nibble on such potted or outdoor plant, can suffer from great pain.

So it is your responsibility to prevent your cat to nibble on such plants. 

First time cat owner

Cleaning Products and Medicines

  • Humans and cats have different physiology. So the medicines helpful for humans are not always helpful to cats. Instead, sometimes, they are fatal for your cat. 
  • So keep your first aid out from the reach of your cat. Also, cleaning products like phenyl, Dettol, or others may harm your cat when consumed. 

Electronics: As a cat owner, you need to know that cats are fond of warm products. This feline friend lives happily where it is warm. So they tend to stay closer to the products like a laptop that can heat up easily. 

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To prevent any accident, you need to be how to take care of a cat. Also, you can minimize the risk by providing your cat with heating pads.   

First Time Cat Owner Checklist

Given below are some items for the checklist a first time cat owner needs to consider before introducing their feline friend to their new home:

Cat Shelter

Giving a new shelter to your cat can make her happy. Cats from shelters are more nervous since they might have gone through several negative past situations. Moving them to a new unfamiliar environment can make them run away from the home. So to avoid this, gift your new cat with a new shelter.

Cat Breeds

Before getting a cat, you need to make sure which breed is good for you. Several breeds are different from each other. Each of the cat breeds is unique in their own sense and have different features. So a proper study of the cat breeds and deciding the breed perfect for you might help you have a healthy relationship with your cat. 


Neutering means castration in males and spaying in female cats. In the case when you don’t plan to breed your cat, you should neuter him or her. This will make your cat easier to train and less violent. 


There are several diseases in the world that can infect your cat. So getting your cat vaccinated on time will help her stay healthy. You should also consult your vet for all the important vaccines. Vaccines play important role in protecting your cat from several diseases like feline distemper, respiratory diseases, rabies, and other gastrointestinal diseases.     

Parasite control

As the vaccine is important to protect your kitty from diseases. Similarly, parasite control is vital for your feline friend to protect her from ear mites or other diseases transmitting parasites. 

Litter box

Get a litter box before you should i get a cat. You should place the litter box in some quiet place having less frequent activity. It is essential since your cat needs some space and rest time. Having a nice-smelling or fragrance-free cat litter will help your cat relax more easily. 


Cats are playful and curious types of creatures. Though a shoebox with an old shoelace is sufficient for her entertainment. But investing in some cat toys will help you strengthen your bond with your cat.    


Can require meat protein necessarily in their diet. Generally, wheat and corn fillers are not required for this tiny creature. Low-quality cat food is rich in fillers. This makes your feline friend have a hard time digesting it. So always offer your cat high-quality protein-rich cat food. This will save your money and a trip to the vet as well.

Tips for a First Time Cat Owner

  • Keep all the things mentioned above ready before you get a cat in your home. 
  • Select a nearby and good vet practitioner. This will help you get peace of mind if your cat suddenly falls ill. Also, you will need help from the vet practitioner to vaccinate your cat.

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  • Trim your cat’s nails regularly. Otherwise, the kitty might damage your pillow or other furniture.     
  • Make your home safe for your cat: As mentioned above, several plants and medicines are not safe for your cat. So keep them out from the reach of your cat. 
  • Never avoid cat insurance. It will help you in the worst conditions.
  • Keep in mind all the legal rights and responsibilities. In many countries like the USA, every pet owner needs to ensure that their pets are living in a suitable condition. They are eating a suitable diet. Pets are housed with similar types of species. They are protected from pain or any other suffering. 

The Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide for the first time cat owner

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