Golden Shepherd Dog – Complete Breed Guide

Another dog that is becoming popular among dog fanciers is Golden Shepherd. It is an absolutely amazing mix breed which is developed by crossing Golden retriever and German shepherd. For those who are looking for a guide for this breed, then this article is for you.

The cross of the Golden retriever and German shepherd has inherited good qualities from both of its parents and is recognized as an energetic, large, and loyal breed among dog lovers.

The Golden shepherd, alternatively known as German retriever, Golden German shepherd, or German shepherd Golden retriever is proved to be a great companion dog.

Though this breed is not as much popular as a designer breed, still you can find this breed in several shelters and breed-specific rescues. So you don’t need to shop for this breed, instead, you can adopt it.

As mentioned, it is one among the highly energetic breed, so is not a good choice for a first-time dog owner. In the case when you have good experience with training dogs or handling dogs, no other dog breed can beat this great companion dog. Those who are good with handling dogs and are looking for a great watchdog for their home or to protect their family, do consider the golden shepherd puppies breed.

Golden Shepherd

The ideal home for this breed is a large house with a big yard where they can get plenty of space to roam and play around. But in the case when you live in an apartment, still you can easily handle this dog by providing them with sufficient exercise.

Though this golden shepherd puppies breed is not having the habit to bark excessively, still they will alert you when any intruder or any stranger approaches your home.

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The Golden Shepherd breed has protective nature for their human friends. They will not only protect and take care of you but will also protect the people and things that belong to you.

The only bad thing with this dog is that it is more vulnerable to separation anxiety. So we recommend you never leave this dog alone for a long time. When they bore, they will turn destructive and will destruct your furniture, dig your backyard, and damage your floor.

So in the case when you finally decided to adopt this black golden shepherd but don’t know much about this breed, here we present you a complete guide on the German shepherd breed. So let’s get shepherd.

Golden Shepherd Lifespan

A healthy Golden Shepherd may expect to live for 10 to 14 years. In conclusion, these are the Golden Shepherd’s most prevalent health issues.

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Eye Conditions
  • Allergies

Best Guide for Golden Shepherd

Golden shepherd, a mixed breed developed from the cross of Golden retriever and German shepherd is an amazing breed that contains the best qualities from both the parents. Here we bring you a complete guide on black golden shepherd.

Main Points Related to Golden Shepherd

First thing, those who are advocating only pure breed should count this breed out. It is not a pure breed, instead, it’s a mix of German shepherd and Golden retriever.

They come in a variety of colors including black, red, tan, cream, and blue. The golden shepherd images may have a solid color or have mixed colors.

This breed is not so good choice for allergic persons but you can easily take care of their coat. A good and proper brushing once a week will do the job.

You can trust Golden shepherd with kids as well. They love the company of kids and you can dress them the way your kids like. But like other dogs, this dog should also be supervised when with kids.

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The Golden Shepherd breed can easily be socialized. Only you need is to interact with this dog with other pets, people, and places.

They have the habit to chew everything. So always provide them with chewable toys.

Golden Shepherd Personality

The Golden Shepherd dogs are generally a bit toward large size. With their protective nature, they prove to be a great companion and watchdogs who love protecting you and your belongings. This breed doesn’t bark too much but will alert you when an intruder or stranger approaches your house.

You can easily train this dog breed with positive reinforcement. Make sure you are not leaving this dog alone for a long time, as boredom can turn this dog destructive.

Is Golden Shepherd Good With Kids?

Yes, Golden shepherd is a great choice for owners with kids. They love the company of children and will enjoy being a part of their party. You can dress them in a hat and cute dresses. Also, they love participating in the game with your kids. Like other dogs, this breed also requires supervision when with young kids.

Golden Shepherd

Are Golden Shepherd Faces Separation Anxiety?

Yes, this breed is more prone to separation anxiety. They require human company every time. When you leave this dog alone for long, it will turn destructive and might damage your furniture, home, flood, and backyard.

Is Golden Shepherd a Good Choice for Those Who Are Living in an Apartment?

Though Golden shepherd requires large space to play so a big house with a large backyard is ideal for this breed. But with proper training and sufficient exercise daily, you can easily handle this dog in the apartment as well.

Golden Shepherd Care Guide

Given below are some tips that will help you easily care for your Golden shepherd:

Common Health Conditions in Golden Shepherd

Since they are a mix of Golden retrievers and German shepherds so prone to disease that their parents also face. This breed is generally considered a healthy breed but might face some health issues like hip or elbow dysplasia, digestive issues, etc.

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Proper care with a healthy diet and a better lifestyle will prevent such health issues in your pooch. But in the case when you notice something unusual in your dog’s behavior like your pooch is sleeping too much, or you feel some lump in your dog’s body, do consult your vet as early as possible.

Golden German Shepherd Diet

This breed is highly energetic and large-sized, so requires a carb-rich diet having a balanced ratio of proteins, fats, and other nutrients as well. When you decided to offer commercial food, and then make sure it is not low quality. Low-quality commercial dog foods are rich in fillers which is not so good for your pooch. We recommend you buy dog food having animal-based proteins.

Also, Golden shepherd puppies is more prone to obesity, so avoid overfeeding. Underfeeding is also not recommended as the dog may fail to meet its daily nutrient requirement.

Golden Shepherd Training and Socialization

Like other dogs, the Golden shepherd also requires early socialization and obedience, and other training. The good thing is that you can easily train this dog with positive reinforcement. Rewarding your canine buddy with a treat on good behavior will make your pooch repeat the same behavior. Soon they will develop habits.

Too much treat may cause obesity in your dog. So substituting the high-calorie treat with some crunchy vegetables is also a good idea.

Golden Shepherd Bathing, Grooming, and Brushing

They are not heavy shedders. A good brushing a week is probably sufficient for this breed. A more frequent bath is not recommended as it may remove the essential oils. You should bathe your furry baby twice a week in summers and once in two weeks in winter.

Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on the Golden shepherd. I hope this dog succeeds in winning your heart.

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