How to Breed Maltipoo Puppies? Information & Characteristics

When it comes to choosing a pet dog by its breed and other factors it becomes extremely difficult for someone who is a beginner. According to recent sources the AKC (American Kennel Club) has discovered about 197 breeds till now, which means you get to choose your initial pet from that range. 

Just wonder how hard that decision can get. Well, nowadays the talk is all about small and cute pups so let’s talk about one too. It’s the Maltipoo Puppies, a mixed breed straight from Sicily in italy. 

How to Breed Maltipoo Puppies

What Is a Maltipoo Dog?

Maltipoos are not that old and are a mix from the poodle and the maltese. Being a mixed breed their factors will also vary in terms of their traits, appearance and lifespan etc. Speaking of where their ancestors are from, back in the era of the royalties the standard poodle was handled with lots of care just like any other royal. Over the years the poodles gained so much popularity that they were declared as the ‘National Breed of France’. After being witnessed in the 1500s the maltipoos were finally introduced in the late 1800s by the American Kennel Club


Maltipoos are known for their size and loyalty. As Maltipoos are a hybrid from the poodle and the maltese they carry the characteristics of both. They are extremely adorable, intelligent, playful etc. Their round head, curly or scruffy coat, their size etc is what defines them. Each maltipoo will entail a unique personality of their own so it’s important to look who your breeder is. Their coat comes in several colors ranging from white, black, caramel brown, gray etc. In Short, they look like a toy living around your house. 

Since Maltipoos are counted in the small dog category they can grow around 8 to 14 inches. As they are small and active in nature their weight doesn’t exceed 20 pounds. Maltipoos color is based on where they breed from, especially whites and cream beige. Apart from this, it is difficult to tell a maltipoos appearance on a common basis because it depends on their breed. 

Maltipoo Dog Temperament

Maltipoos are small in size and active in nature. With being adorable they prefer to make an affectionate bond and respect for whomever they interact with. Maltipoos can be a perfect choice for any family or households because these dogs are intelligent enough to modify themselves according to the situations. With the correct training sessions and your love, maltipoos can be a great addition to your family.

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Apart from being extremely sociable, they can also be a bit aggressive as well because they can literally bark at anything in the beginning. The difficult part is controlling them at your command. It certainly also depends on your dog because some maltipoos merely bark and some can bark incessantly. If you are not able to get your dog in control you should take help from the professionals. 

Living Needs

Maltipoos are dogs which know how to adapt but sometimes they can get out of control. Resources say that there have been cases of non-stop barking, complaints from people, etc from maltipoos of different breeds. When it comes to their living needs, maltipoos prefer to stay indoors whether it be a big space or a small one. 

How to Breed Maltipoo Puppies

As maltipoos are not particularly a fan of outdoors, they like to stay indoors. It is necessary to have a balance between their health and exercise. Offering them a proper diet with proper amounts of exercise can do the trick. In this process, it is essential to have patience because that’s how your dogs will gain trust over your actions for their good. 

Maltipoo Dog Care

Maltipoo pups are already blessed with a lot of qualities from their cross breed. Maltipoo puppies are adorable and intelligent at the same time but every dog needs training for them to behave correctly. 

In case of maltipoo puppies, obedience training consisting of instructions on their barking and active behavior can help a lot. Creating a good habit from a young age can be a benefit for you and your pup in no time.  

Talking about their food requirements, it should include high quality dog food along with natural fruits and veggies. However, it is essential to make them exercise to burn those calories.

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Speaking of their enjoyment, they are all in for some cuddles, caressing and toys. They are affectionate so they can socialize with anyone right in the moment. Although, they can also bark a lot by hearing or witnessing something but that can be taken care of with proper training. 

Hypoallergenic Maltipoo Puppies

As Maltipoo pups are a hybrid coming from the poodle and Maltese which usually makes us wonder about their personality. Genetically speaking, maltipoo puppies can be of three types according to their coat and aren’t heavy shedders at all.

Maltipoo pups are hypoallergenic in nature because of their poodle heritage which makes them perfect for any dog allergy. Often normal dogs shed way too much and retain dander (flakes of dead skin). In case of maltipoo dogs sheds less or none at all which means their dander falls off with their coat only. Manier times not all dogs are completely hypoallergenic because of their retaining dander ability. 

Size of a Maltipoo

The size of a pup is said to be half-grown when they reach 6 months of their lifespan. Considering maltipoo puppies are a cross breed from the poodles and maltese their size will also depend on their parents. 

Generally, maltipoo puppy belong to the parents of the toy breed. Their size will also reflect according to their parent’s size, generation and type. The average size of a maltipoo puppies is approximately 6 to 14 inches and can weigh between 5 to 25 pounds. In a point of fact, as maltipoo puppy are small in size they reach their full size before they turn one. Before buying these pups potential buyers consider size to be the main factor so ensure that their growth pattern depends on their breed. Sometimes in a hurry a small pup shouldn’t be too small.

Maltipoo Puppy Grooming

As maltipoo pups are known as designer dogs, they need to be groomed to maintain their adorable look. Often many people live in a misinterpretation that maltipoo naturally sheds less so they might not groom at all. 

It is essential for the owners to give them proper grooming needed and sometimes a spa session will calm them down. Their grooming routine can be on the basis of the following points- 

  • Brushing– As these sheds less doesn’t mean they don’t need brushing. Make sure that you daily brush your pups hair in order to keep them clean and flea free. 
  • Bathing– As maltipoo puppies are small in size, their bathing schedule can be once in 3-4 weeks. Although, if your pet is dirty by playing around, give them a bubbly bath straight away.  
  • Nails– You can easily identify when to cut the nails of your pup. If you hear noises when your dog is walking or playing around, that’s the time to cut his nails. 
  • Trimming– As these dogs shed less, their trimming schedule can be once in a year or two. However, their hair around their eyes and head should be looked at every month. 

Health Risks When Breeding Maltipoos Puppies

Traditionally, dogs have health problems depending on their parents and genes. It has been witnessed that the larger the genes found in the pup, the more the health problems. This is one of the drawbacks of the maltipoo pups, but it entirely depends on the breed. Therefore, know some of the common ones-

  • Digestive Issues– These issues occur mainly from binge eating or less eating.
  • Ear Infections– These infections occur because your dog has come across any bacteria or ear mite while exploring outdoors. 
  • Allergies– In general, maltipoo puppies are hallucinogenic in nature but they can have allergies to some ingredients in their det or particles in their products.  
  • The White Shaker Syndrome–  A common syndrome found in dogs with white coats. As maltipoo pups are bred from a maltese parent they can catch the syndrome. 

How to Breed Maltipoo Puppies

What Is the Average Litter Size of a Maltipoo?

The average litter size of a maltipoo is four to six babies at once. In Fact sometimes there are rare cases of them pregnant with only one baby at a time. maltipoo puppies have chances of having dystocia while they are pregnant or about to give birth. It’s better to consult a vet if the mother before or when they are feeling uncomfortable in doing their daily tasks like walking or eating. 

Are There Any Birthing Issues With Maltipoos?

Maltipoos are small in size and if you try to breed them they will tend to have dystocia than in larger breeds. Dystocia is a condition where the baby or the fetus is too small to pass through their mother’s pelvic canal.

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Usually, in this case the mother will need a cesarean method to deliver the baby. It is essential to take care of your pup if they are pregnant or about to give birth. 

What Is the Average Price of Maltipoo Puppies?

As they say, “Where there is demand, there is supply”. Maltipoos are readily available in foreign countries because of their demands for small and adorable pups.

According to the information by educational websites the demand for small dog breeds in USA is increasing day by day. Especially, maltipoos being small and cute makes it even more demandable in countries like USA.

However, the price of maltipoo puppies can vary according to which dog you will keep.. The points of difference come in the type of breeder, where are you buying it from, etc. The average price of maltipoo puppies is around $400 to $2500. The cause of high pricing is due various aspects that they bring along including health warranty, breeder reputation, coat color and geographic locations.

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