How to Express Dog Anal Glands

Have you ever witnessed your furry friend moving around the carpet on his butt? Or have you observed a weird smelling coming from your dog? Of course, there might be various reasons for such a behavior but one of the most common reasons out of the lot for such a behavior is blocked dog anal glands and your pet needs their glands expressed. This particular condition might be quite uncomfortable for your dog and you won’t like seeing your dog in such a condition. Hence thankfully the glands of your dog can be easily expressed either by you or your veterinarian.

What Are Dog Anal Glands?

Anal glands are two small sacs on both the side of your dog’s anus. Every time your dog defecates, these glands give out a smelling liquid. This liquid can act as an autobiography or encyclopedia about the present dog as it will provide every information, telling everything other dogs might need to know from gender, health, age to much more and it’s really impressive.

dog anal glands

How to Tell When the Dog Anal Glands Needs to Be Expressed?

Sometimes these glands cannot empty themselves on their own and need additional help for emptying. This would especially be the case for dogs having loose stool for a long time and the loose stool condition must be addressed separately. But one can deal with these glands very easily. But first of all, you will need to know the symptoms and signs of when the glands have become clogged.

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One of the most cost signs of the anal glands being clogged is when the dog starts dragging its butt, generally on the ground across the carpeted floor or outside.

Licking and Chewing Its Butt:

If your dog is continuously chewing and licking his rear and that too very excessively, this is the time when the situation of their anal glands must be checked. Also if your dog is repeatedly scooting on the carpet.

A Weird Smell:

If you don’t check the situation of your dog’s rear and don’t get them to express when they aren’t expressing on their own it will produce foul, stinky and pungent smell like feces but much more intense than it. It is a condition that anyone and everyone with a dog would notice.

Unable to or Having Difficulty Passing Stool:

Sometimes the anal glands of your pet might get swollen and it can be extremely painful for your furry friend. In such a situation your dog would always be unwilling to pass stool in order to try and avoid the situations which might put pressure on the glands because of the difficulty created. But this act of avoiding passing stool can later worsen up the situation. You might also observe some brownish spot in places where your dog was sitting such as furniture, carpet or your lap. This sign is easily identified, hence tend to be the most evident sign showing need for anal gland expression.

You must never leave these symptoms unchecked as it might lead to the impaction or rupture of anal gland and anal sac.

What Happens if the Dog Anal Glands Aren’t Expressed?

If your dog is facing the issue of clogged anal glands, you must get it emptied, either you can do it by yourself or get your veterinarian do it but if they are not emptied, it might lead to infection and in worst case situations might lead to abscesses forming. Hence it will become very difficult as well as painful condition for your dog to deal with.

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Though it is very important to empty clogged anal glands but is also important to not empty it too often or when it is actually not necessary. As doing it too often or unnecessarily might lead to irritated anal glands which can be very uncomfortable for the dogs. Whether and when the glands need expressing differs from dog to dog, where some dogs never have issues, some need it to be done once every year and some might need help to deal with their glands more often.

dog anal glands

How Do You Express Your Dog’s Anal Glands?

By now you are aware that your dog will also be having anal gland issues and what can be done about it. Though it is always recommended to consult a veterinarian in every matter of your dog’s health. The vet will help you express the glands of your pet with also identifying whether there are any underlying issues that your pet is facing and needs to be addressed. Also, since it is a very dirty and smelly job, hence contacting your vet would be the best idea.

But of course, you can also express the glands by yourself at home by following few simple steps:

  • One person must hold your dog still with making them stand on all four legs.
  • Put on the latex glove and then apply some petroleum jelly to make your fingers smooth,
  • Insert your index finger into the anus of your dog.
  • Bend your finger to make them touch your thumb on the outside. You should feel a sac of pea-sized between your fingers.
  • Gently squeeze, a brown smelly liquid would ooze out and clean it with a clean paper towel.
  • Repeat the same process on the other side.

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If you observe that your dog is in pain, you can instantly stop the process. Further, if the liquid is discolored or clouded, you must contact your vet as it might be a clear sign of infection.

Can the Dog Anal Glands Be Removed?

In certain situations when your dog anal glands keep on getting clogged you might take a step to remove them. All the types of surgeries, come with a risk when putting your dog under anesthetics. Extraction of anal glands is specialized and delicate surgery, since the glands are near to some of the nerves surrounding the anus, hence it might lead to complications for some of the dogs. Though there might be some side effects or complications but this surgery is highly recommended.

Having clogged anal glands will always be very uncomfortable for your furry friend, hence it is important to keep a close watch on your dog’s butt though it might sound weird but its very true and it’s the fact. If any issue arise it must be dealt with immediately, either at home or by simply seeing a professional vet to maintain a happy and healthy butt.

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