How to Save a Baby Bird’s Life

You must have spotted fledglings and nesting birds on the ground. Several people after seeing such helpless tiny birds assume that they need help and try helping this tiny creature. But the question arises how to save a baby bird?

In some countries like the USA, it is illegal to take any bird in your home. So when you see any helpless bird, the best idea is to call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for help. You can call them either before picking up this bird or keeping a helpless bird in a box in a safe location.  

When you find some danger like dogs or cats in that area that might injure this baby bird, first rescue the baby bird and then call the licensed wildlife rehabilitator. 

How to Save a Baby Bird

Also, fledglings are those who are learning to fly. So when you see them on the ground, they actually don’t need your assistance. It’s their training period where they need to learn flying and managing such situations. 

Nestlings are those birds that are just too young to fly. There is a need for your help how to save a baby bird from dying. So before trying to help any baby bird, you must know how to spot the save birds that are actually requiring your help.

In the case when you find any baby bird on the ground, follow the instructions give in this article. Here we offer you a complete guide on how to save a baby bird from Dying?

How to Save a Baby Bird?

As mentioned before, you must know which bird requires help, and who doesn’t need your help. Before understanding much of this, understand the way to spot which baby bird is nestling while which is fledgling.

Is the Bird a Nestling or a Fledgling?


They are young birds with no or few feathers. If you find such a baby bird fell out of nest, they require your help. These nestling birds are too young and should not get out of their nest. But due to some circumstances or animal attacks, they may fall out of the nest on the ground.

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So if you found any such young bird on the ground, read the section on how to save nestling birds given below. 


These are juvenile birds that are learning to fly. These birds have a mix of fuzzy and adult feathers. Most of the time when you see them hopping on the floor, hiding under bushes, or perching on low-hanging branches, they are enjoying being in the world. They don’t need your assistance unless they are sick or injured. 

So before helping a fledgling baby bird, you must know when they need help and when not. In order to understand when to help these cardinal baby birds, read the section on When the fledgling bird requires help given below. 

How to Save a Baby Bird Nestling?     

As mentioned above, nestlings are too young to get out of their nest. So whenever you see them on the ground, they are actually requiring your help. Here we will discuss how to save an uninjured nestling.

How to Save a Baby Bird

How to Save an Uninjured Baby Nestling Bird From Dying?

Once after identifying the baby bird as a healthy nestling, follow the instructions given below:

Search Their Nest

The best way to save a baby bird from dying is to get back them to their natural habitation, their nest. So when you find any fallen nestling who is not injured, sick, or weak, search for their nest.

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Place that baby bird back in their nestling with clean and gloved hands. 

Create a Surrogate Nest

In the case when you unable to find the nest for that fallen nestling. Creating a surrogate nest is also a good idea that might help this baby bird to survive. You can make this nest out of some small basket, or any other plastic container with a hole. Spread proper bedding made of tissue papers in this basket. Place the baby bird in this nest with clean and gloved hands gently. 

Now place this nest near the birds’ original location. Make sure it is out of the range of dogs and cats. 

Monitor This Tiny Creature

Monitor and take care of this baby quietly to see if their parents come back and feeding this nestling. If no, then read the section How to help orphaned, injured, or sick baby bird given below.

How to Save Fledgling From Dying?

There is a need to help only injured, sick fledgling, or those who require rescue from cats or dogs. Given below are some tips to identify which fledglings are requiring help:

  • Those how to save a baby birds that are having a bloody wound on their body, wet feathers, drooping wings, matted feathers, or those who are not able to bear their weight require your help.  
  • When you see any baby bird lying on its back or side, it requires your help. 
  • Those fledglings that are having their head tilting to one side and blood around nostrils require your help. 
  • In the case when you notice that the baby bird is shivering, you should help it survive. 
  • When you see a cat or a dog searching for a bird, you should rescue the baby birds and help them survive. 

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What to Feed a Baby Bird Without Feathers?

How to Save an Orphaned, Injured, or Sick Baby Bird?

Here is the tutorial to help orphaned, sick, or injured baby birds:

Rescue the Bird

When you see a cat or a dog attacking a baby bird, you should how to rescue a baby bird and help him. 

Secure the Baby Bird

Once rescued, secure the baby bird in the surrogate nest or inside a cardboard box bed with a paper towel.

Try to Keep the Baby Bird Warm

Warmth is most important to help the baby bird survive. You can place heating pads or a bottle filled with hot water near the bird.

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Note: Often people with good intentions offer these creatures food. But it ends up doing more harm than good. Many times, veterinarians find food in their lungs. Instead, you can keep them in a dark, quiet, and warm room, as this will lower their metabolism and energy consumption.

Call the Wildlife Rehabilitator

Now call the wildlife rehabilitator or a licensed veterinarian to help these birds. 

Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on how to save a baby bird. This way you can help these tiny creatures. If you have a passion to become an animal-saving pro, join the action team, and keep a rescue kit with yourself. 

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