How to Stop Dogs From Chewing Their Dog Beds?

It is most frustrating to see your pooch destroying and chewing the plush bed into pieces you just bought for your dog. Many dogs are having the how to stop dogs from chewing and the dog bed forms an attractive target for them to chew. 

Not only beds, the chewer dog never discriminate between papers, shoes, furniture, and other essential items in their sight including the dog beds. They chew everything that they see because of their chewy habit. 

When you spend lots of your hard-earned money to bring a plush bed for your pooch to offer them the best comfort, it is really frustrating to see them chewing the new bed in pieces.

If your dog is also making you invest several times in a year to bring a dog bed, then it’s time to teach your pooch not to chew resistant dog bed. 

How to stop dogs from chewing

Keeping their health and happiness, it is important to stop and confront their chewing and destructive habit. Instead of getting mad at your little pup, we recommend you understand the reason behind their destructive chewing habit. Keeping that reason in the mind, train your dog to stop chewing their beds.    

How to Stop Dogs From Chewing His Dog Bed?

There are several reasons that can make your dog bed for chewers. Some of these are:

Stress and Separation Anxiety:

Stress and separation anxiety is one of the major reason in the adult dog to chew the bed. In the case when you keep your dog alone for a long time, they may face the issue of separation anxiety. In order to keep themselves calm, they will relieve their stress by chewing the dog bed.

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Other stress reasons can also make them uncomfortable and chew the bed. When you suspect your pooch feeling upset with other pets or kids, this may be another reason for stress in them making them destruct the dog bed. 


Boredom is another important reason that leads to the development of chewing habits in dogs. In the case when all your family members are having a busy schedule, it might be difficult for you to give sufficient time to your pooch. In that case, they may start destroying things by chewing them. The first thing in their sight is their dog bed and thus they target it for chewing. 


When you keep your dog on diet in order to cut down the calorie consumption, they may start chewing things in search of some nutrition source out of hunger. 


When there is teething in pups, they will chew whatever they use in order to comfort their gums itching. 

How to Stop Dogs From Chewing Their Dog Beds?

Since we have mentioned the reasons that make your fido chew the dog bed, it is time to stop the dog from doing this. Eliminating the causes will help in preventing their chewing habit. Here are some tricks you can do to prevent the dog from chewing the dog bed:

Treat Separation Anxiety:

In the case when separation anxiety makes your pooch chew the bed in order to calm themselves, train them to stay comfortable alone at home. You should provide them with their favorite treats, food, toys, and sufficient water to keep them relax. Also, you can take help from the TV or any radio source to keep them engaged. 

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In the case when only you can relax your canine buddy, just record your voice and play it in the house when you are not in the house. Your pooch on hearing your voice will relax and stay comfortable. When they feel relaxed, they will not chew the dog bed.   

Eliminate Other Stress Causes:

In the case when the presence of other pets and kids upsets your pooch, they may start chewing the bed out of the stress. Establishing new boundaries will help your fido to feel more secure and calm. how to stop dogs from chewing?

Some dogs also face stress issues due to the outdoor sound and noise like noise from thunder or traffic. In this case, shifting your dog to a quiet location will help to relieve the stress. When they feel calm, they will not chew their bed. 

If you are not able to find the reason for the stress in your pooch, then the use of synthetic pheromones will help your canine buddy to stay calm. 

Boredom: How to Stop Dogs From Chewing

As mentioned, boredom is the reason for chewy behavior in many dogs. Dogs in order to keep themselves busy, start chewing everything in their sight. To prevent it, provide sufficient exercise to your four-legged friend. The exercise along with keeping them entertained and fit will also make them tired enough not to chew things.

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Provide them with their favorite toys to keep them engaged. Also, you can play with them like fetching games and many more. Playing games with your doggo will not only keep them entertained but will also help you build a stronger bond with your four-legged companion.    

Hunger: How to Stop Your Dog From Chewing

Cutting down the calories by keeping your dog on diet is an absolutely wrong practice. Instead, you should offer them a fiber-rich diet with low carbs. This will cut down the calorie consumption along with the feel of stomach fullness in dogs. When they are not hungry, they will not chew things in search of a nutrition source. 

Teething: How to Stop a Dog From Chewing His Bed

In the case when your pup is teething, it is common for them to chew things whatever they see to relieve their itchy gums. You should provide your pup with chewy toys and freezable toys that will help in alleviating their itch.

How to stop dogs from chewing

Chewy Behavior: How to Stop Dogs From Chewing

If your dog is having the habit to chew things, then training them not to chew is the best option. Also, you should upgrade the dog bed to chew-proof dog beds that are more capable to withstand destructive chewers. 

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Chewing Everything

You can train your dog not to chew the beds or anything by the positive reinforcement method only. When you see your fury baby chewing on beds or something else, redirect them to chew the chewy toys only. Appreciate them and reward them for chewing the chewable toys only and not the furniture or other things in the home.

Note: Muzzling, punishing the dog, and yelling at them is never an effective method to stop them from chewing the dog bed. Instead, it will worsen the condition. 

Bottom Line

If your mischievous doggo also making you invest again and again in dog beds, then train them to not chew the dog beds. Redirect them to chew the chewable toys. I hope this guide helps you stopping the destructive chewy behavior of your pooch. Please let us know your experience with how to stop dogs from chewing.

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