Persian Cat Personality Breed Information, Characteristics & Facts

Persian cats are an exquisite breed with their chubby cheeks, cobby body, round head, short face, long hairs, and snub nose and they look more like a doll. Another best part of this cat is that it is a quiet and affectionate type of cats who love being held. This feature makes the black Persian cat a perfect purring lap warmer for cat lovers. Do you want to know more about this cat? Here in this article, we will discuss Persian cat personality, their temperament, etc. 

The Persian kitty is today considers one of the popular pedigreed cats in North America. This cat comes in two varieties; one is a show Persian cat while the other is a traditional white Persian cat

persian cat personality

The show Persian cat is known to have a more exaggerated feature like a round head that is enhanced with small ears, thick ruff, round copper eyes, a flat nose, a short and cobby body, and a thick but flowing plume of a tail. While the traditional Persian kitty is also known as doll face Persian cat doesn’t have this much extreme feature. Their normal nose gives this doll face Persian cat a cute and sweet expression. 

Both the variety of Persian cats have a glamorous coat that comes in a variety of colors and patterns. These both varieties of Persian cats have a wonderful personality and will pour lots of love and affection on their owner. 

Persian Cat Personality

Persian cats are quiet and gentle types of cats who love people treating them kindly with her. Their cute face turns up to the gaze when they see their favorite people coming. This breed has the ability to communicate with its owner using facial expression and her soft melodies voice.

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They are considered the epitome of purring lap warmer cats and are known for their undemanding and restful Persian cats personality. 

persian cat personality

They love to cuddle and lounging on the sofa, but they are also curious and playful. Cute Persian cats are not good jumper or climber. Instead, they love sitting sophisticatedly on the sofa and playing with their favorite toy.

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Many of us have an image of a Persian cat that they are in snow white color having fairy like personality. But the truth is that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. With their long, flowing coat, they have an astonishing look. But there is a need to bathe this cat daily in order to keep it clean and nice smelling. You should introduce your kitty to the bathroom as soon as you bring it home. So that it will learn and accept bathing and playing with water.  

Persian Cat Size

  • They are a medium sized cat that ranges from 7 to 12 pounds. 

More About Persian Cat Personality

  • They are gentle and sweet type cats who love being held and will offer you great companionship. 
  • Their long flowing coat needs to be groomed daily. Along with keeping the coat mat and tangle free, it will help you strengthen your bond with the cat. 

Persian Cat Personality Temperament

This quiet and serene loving cat loves when people treat her kindly. They are not athletic type cats. Instead, they are known for their restful temperament. They love lounging on the sofa playing with their favorite feather toy.

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They are not aggressive, instead of having a very sweet temperament. They are easily acceptable to kids. But make sure that your kids are treating her nicely as a little doll. 

This Persian personality breed is a great welcoming type breed that will allure your guests like a little girl. It will pose decoratively on the sofa looking like a fairly sitting on her throne. 

The best thing that will allure all is her little meow to greet people, but most of the time she let her eyes to communicate. This breed doesn’t mind when left alone and can spend time with her toys. But your presence will make this cute kitty happy.           

When you need to go out of the town and leave this cat alone, it is better to call some pet sitter for caring her instead of boarding her to some strange place. 

Persian Cat Grooming

  • The Persian are high maintenance cat that needs to be groomed daily. You should have a stainless steel comb for the grooming purpose. Only this way you can manage the long flowing coat of your cat tangle and mat free.  
  • Also, if you skip grooming, their loose hair will spread all over your clothing, furniture, and the floor. The tangled and matted hairs are painful to your kitty as well. So investing time in grooming you at is a way better option than managing loose hairs all around your home. 
  • Along with daily grooming, there is a need for a regular bath to keep your cat sweet smelling and clean. You should introduce your feline friend to the bathroom as soon as you get it. This way she will learn and accepting daily bath.

Persian Cat Health

  • In the case when your breeder assures you that your Persian kitty is completely healthy and has no health related issue, then he must be lying or unaware of this breed. Avoid buying a cat from a breeder who doesn’t offer cat insurance on the kitten. 
  • This breed has a tendency to develop several hereditary health related issues like Polycystic kidney disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, cystitis, progressive retinal atrophy, bladder stones, live shunts, etc. A good breeder will take action to avoid inheriting such a disease. 
  • Persian cats are more prone to respiratory and breathing related issues. In the case when your cat is healthy and not having any respiratory issue, still it is sensitive to heat. There is a need for air-conditioned comfort for your cat to survive. You should protect your doll face cat from heat as it accelerates your cat’s respiratory distress. Sometimes the stressful condition leads your cat to death. 

How Much is a Persian Cat Costs?

  • The show variety of persian cat price ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000. 

Persian Cat Food

  • Royal Canin Persian Breed Adult Dry cat food: This is chicken flavored dry cat food for your persian kitten. This kibble is especially designed according to the facial and jaw structure of persian kitten. 
  • Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Natural adult dry cat food; Your kitty will love this dry cat food with indoor health chicken and brown rice flavour. 
  • Hill’s science diet adult indoor cat food: This nutritious diet will support the everyday health and digestion of your persian kitten.  

The Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on Persian cat personality, temperament, health, and grooming.

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