Best Guide For American Pitbull Puppies 2021

Are you planning to adopt an American pitbull puppy? If yes, then here we bring you the best guide for American pitbull puppies.

With one of the widest smiles, the American pit bull is often the apple of its owner’s eyes. They are playful dogs who love to be with their human friends. With their friendly nature and lovely behavior, they are often protected by their owners. These puppies love playing the entire day. You can keep your American pitbull puppy happy by interacting with kids and adults as well.

Pitbull Puppies

With their friendly behavior, they will easily melt your heart and will make way to be a part of your family. Here in this article, we present you with the best guide for American Pitbull puppies. So let’s get started.

The best guide for American pitbull puppies

Here in this article, we will present you with the best guide for American pitbull puppies, how to care for them, what should offer them in food, how to train them, etc.

Who is best for pitbull?

  • Pitbull dog is generally more suited to family life. They are a popular family dog who loves being in company with the human. They are known for their gentle behavior and they love playing with kids.
  • Though they are aggressive and dangerous dog breeds with proper training, it is possible to control their aggression. A properly trained and socialized pit bull can prove to be a great family dog. In order to get a well-trained and socialized pit bull, the training needs to start from the very beginning.
  • A puppy pit bull will need regular exercise, so a person with an active lifestyle should think about this dog. Those who don’t prefer waking up early in the morning should count this breed out.
  • In the case when you are living in an apartment and not having space where your pitbull can roam, this can turn them destructive. In this case, you should offer proper exercise to your pooch by taking them to dog parks or for a walk. Also, train them to adapt to apartment life.

Are American pit bulls suitable for you?

Before adopting an American pit bull, make sure they meet your demands. In the case when you are not a morning person, don’t think of getting an American pit bull. They are highly energetic puppy who requires regular exercise. Also, in the case when you don’t offer them sufficient exercise, they can turn destructive.


Pitbull Puppies

Also, this dog is not suitable for first-time owners. An American pit bull requires firm guidance with gentle care, which is quite difficult for a first-time owner. Those who are having good knowledge of dog’s psychology can better handle this aggressive breed.  

Getting an American pitbull puppy

In the case when you finally decided to have a pit bull as your next pup, then make sure you are getting it from some reputable breeder. Reputable breeders are those who have proper knowledge of breeds and have done all the health-associated screening in the pup.

Do ask your breeder for the early socialization of your Pitbull pup. Ask him if they have exposed this pup to different people, different dogs or other animals, or different places. If no, then read the section on socializing the American pit bull pup given below.

Vaccination and medical care

Once you get your puppy home, make sure that you have done all the vaccination and e worming essential for your pooch. You can ask your breeder for the vaccination that has been done in the furry buddy and when the next date for the vaccination and deworming.

In the case when you notice something unnatural, do consult your vet as soon as possible.


pitbull puppies


The diet for your pitbull puppy should be nutrient-rich. You should provide them will a balanced diet enriched with all essential minerals and vitamins. In the case when you opt for commercial food for your puppy, avoid buying cheap quality dog food having meat by-products as the main ingredient. For a puppy, there is a need for more meat as the main ingredient, not the meat by-product.


  • Exercise is essential for these American pitbull puppies. Along with a daily 30 minutes walk, you can provide them toys and playful activities for sufficient exercise. The toy you are offering your pooch should have the ability to stimulate them to be active.
  • Boredom is often the reason in American pitbull puppies to be destructive. So keep them engaging with some toys or fun activities.

Neutering and spaying

In the case when you don’t want your dog for breeding purposes, spaying the bitch and neutering the dog is a good option. Spaying is an American pitbull at an early age will reduce the stress in growing bitch. Also, it will eliminate the chances of uterine and mammary cancers. This will prevent unwanted litter as well.

Neutering in male American Pitbull will make them more docile and easy to handle. Neutering in dogs is reported to reduce the aggression level. Also, it will eliminate their chances of testicular cancer.


A dog without socialization is not only unhappy but is aggressive also. Early socialization is the American pitbull is very essential to develop your pup into a well-mannered and less aggressive dog.

In order to socialize your pup, introduce them to other dogs, people, and take them to new places for walks and fun activities.

Also, you can invite your friend with his or her dog. This will help socialize your dog. You can enroll your pup in nearby dog socialization classes as well.

American Pitbull Puppies Training

To handle a dog, there is a need to train them. The same goes for an American pit bull. In order to develop your American pit bull pup into a well-mannered and socialized dog, there is a need to start the training from an early age.

You can either enroll your dog in some good training classes for the dog. Also, you can train your pooch right at your home. Start training as early as you get the pup. At early ages, pups are more receptive and will follow you more.

First, make them learn to follow your commands. Dogs cannot understand any language. Also, they don’t understand humans so well. It is possible to train your pooch only with positive reinforcement.

Reward your furry baby with treats, toys, or anything they love on good behavior. Soon they will start associating good behavior with rewards and start repeating their good behavior. This way you can teach them commands like Sit, Stay, No, paw, come, etc.

The bottom line

So this was the best guide for American pitbull puppies. I hope this article helps you handle your pitbull puppy easily.

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