The Best (and Worst) Rabbit Cage Flooring for Your Rabbit

Deciding on the rabbit cage flooring is not easy. There is a need to consider several factors while deciding the rabbit cage flooring. The cage flooring you are getting for your rabbit home should not only easy to clean but should also be safe and comfortable for your bunny.

Bunnies have a tendency to chew and gnaw some types of flooring. So this fact needs to be kept in mind while buying rabbit cage flooring. It should not be easily chewed, safe, and doesn’t have any sharp edges that can harm your bunny.

Also, make sure the cage flooring you are buying for your bunny is non-slippery, as bunnies feel unsafe when they are placed on slippery floors.

Rabbit Cage Flooring

Here in this article, we will discuss all the factors you should consider while selecting your bunny cage flooring. Also, we will list you some type of flooring perfect for your bunny.

What Should You Consider While Selecting Rabbit Cage Flooring?

As mentioned, it is not just a baby task to select the best flooring for a rabbit cage. Given below are some tips that you should consider while choosing the rabbit cage floor covering:


Make sure the cage flooring for the rabbit cage should be comfortable for your bunny. If you want your bunny to be happy and feel like its natural home, you should choose the bedding that feels comfortable to your rabbit’s paws.


Rabbits when place on the slippery floor feel unsafe, frightened, and less comfortable. In order to make your furry friend happy, ensure the flooring you are getting is no slippery. The rabbit cage flooring should offer enough grip that lets your bunny stay comfortable on its foot.


Sometimes, rabbits have a habit to ingest some of the floorings also. So, selecting non-toxic flooring is essential for this poor creature. Also, make sure that the flooring has no sharp edge, otherwise, it might hurt your bunny.

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In the case when your bun is more notorious and has a habit to chew on the thing, the select flooring should not be easy to chew.

Easy to Clean

Some floorings are all good for a rabbit but require much effort to clean. So it often causes much discomfort to the owner. Thus we recommend selecting the cage flooring for rabbits that should be easy to clean.

Rabbit Cage Flooring

Protect Your Home

Another feature you need to check on the rabbit cage floor is its protection capacity. Sometimes some floorings spill the pet waste to your floor. So make sure that the flooring should not spill the waste through to the floor.

How Big Should Be the Bunny Caze Size?

The bigger the case size, comfortable the bunny will be. In general, the caze should be four times the size of the bunny. On average, the caze size for a smaller rabbits should be  24″ by 36″ and for larger rabbits, it should be 30″ by 36″.

Best Rabbit Cage Flooring

Here we list your best rabbit cage price flooring in order to keep your bunny happy and safe:

Wood Flooring

Many owners prefer wood rabbit cage flooring for their bunnies. It is good up to some extent, but make sure the wood you are using is not treated and is safe for your bunny.

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It is very common practice that a bunny owner put plywood on the floor of their rabbit’s cage. This provides their pet a solid and non-slippery surface to walk on.

This is a good option but not for the bunny with a destructive nature. Sometimes your rabbit with chewing habit gnaw this plywood and can develop a digestive issue. Also, wood with absorptive nature can lead to the development of odor in the rabbit house soon.

Sometimes, wood rabbit cage can be slippery also is not suitable for your bunny.


  • It offers a solid base for your bunny to walk on.
  • This cage is the most comfortable option as cage flooring for rabbits.
  • It is also affordable.


  • This cage can be slippery and not suitable for your bunny.
  • Bunny with chewing and destructive habit can chew it.

With absorptive nature, it may absorb your pet’s waste and develop odor in the rabbit house soon.

Wire Flooring

It is the most controversial flooring option for the rabbit. The best thing about this flooring is that it can be clean easily. There is a need for very little effort in order to clean this flooring.

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But the wire flooring is not so comfortable for your bunny. Wire flooring often leads to the development of sores in your rabbit’s paws. So when you plan to adopt this flooring option, make sure you are either using cardboard or other soft and comfortable things to cover half of the floor. This will help to protect your bunny’s delicate paws.


  • It is easy to clean.


  • It is very uncomfortable for the rabbit’s delicate paws.
  • Require for some cover like cardboard.

Plastic Flooring

It is the most popularly used rabbit cage flooring. We all are familiar with the benefits of plastic in that it is durable, easy to clean, and reasonably affordable. However, the disadvantage associated with this flooring is that it’s slippery and thus uncomfortable for your bunny.

In the case when you are using plastic as the flooring for your rabbit’s cage, then top it with some mat or other bedding to make your bunny feel safe and comfortable.


  • It is very durable.
  • This cage flooring can be easily cleaned.
  • This cage flooring is very affordable.


  • It is slippery thus not suitable for bunnies.
  • This flooring requires to be covered.

Rugs and Mats

This is the best rabbit cage flooring that you can use to offer extra comfort to your bunny. This is a great idea to add to more comfort and grip for your rabbit.

But when your rabbit has a habit to chew, the mat is not so good idea. You will need to choose a mat that is comfortable and safe for your bunny.


  • It is more comfortable and provides extra grip on your bunny.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • There is a variety of options available that you can choose according to your rabbit’s needs.


  • It can be easily chewable.
  • It is suitable for rabbits that are well trained.

The Bottom Line

So these are the best rabbit cage flooring that you might select as per your bunny’s need.

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