Top List of Safe Foods for Rats 2021

Are you owning a rat? Do you want to know what is safe for your rat and what’s not? Then this guide will help you as here in this guide, we are presenting you a list of safe foods for rats. 

Being a good rat owner, you should know what is safe for your rat and what is not. Here in this guide, we are making a list of food that your rat can consume easily without any side effects and any deleterious effects on health. 

Though the pet store contains a lot so food items for your rat but which of them is safe for your rat is difficult to understand. In the pet store, you can find a huge variety of rat food, but some of them are low quality and may have deleterious effects on your rat’s health. 

Those rat food which is of high quality are a bit expensive and will make you spend lots of money in just buying commercial food for your rat. Instead of relying on this high-quality commercial food, the better idea is to invest in daily kitchen food which is way less expensive and will provide all the essential nutrients that your rat might need.

Safe Foods for Rats  

In order to help you with some pocket-friendly hacks, here we are providing you the list of the best and most safe foods for rats. The foods we are listing will also help you treat your rat with a snack. Many owners have the habit to give some of their foodstuffs from their dining to their rats. But before serving any food items, you should know what is safe for your rat and what you should avoid giving your rat. 

So to help you, here we are listing a list of safe food for your rat that you can give and treat your rat anytime without any issues. So let’s get started:

List of safe foods for rats:

Given below is the list of safe food that you can offer your rat anytime without causing any deleterious effect on your rat’s health:

Apples: Apple is one of the food items that come on the list of safe foods for rats. Along with being safe, it offers an easy and hassle-free diet for your rat. All you need is to simply cut an apple and serve it directly to your rat. Make sure you have removed all the seeds and pits s they may lead to some digestive upset in your rats. The seeds of the apple are hazardous and may lead to simple digestive upset to respiratory failure in rats. 

Applesauce: Like apple, apple sauce is also a good option that you can use as a treat for your rat. Since the apple sauce contains lots of sugar, there is a need to give it in a moderate amount. You should use this sauce as an occasional treat instead of incorporating it into the regular diet of your rat.  

Avocados: Though avocados are not recommended in many animals, it is reported to be safe in rats. The seeds may result in some unfavorable conditions, but the rest of the pulp part is absolutely safe foods for rats. The avocados are rich in fatty content so should be given in a moderate amount. 

Bananas: When you serve crushed banana to your rat, he will love it and will surely appreciate this move. You can add nuts or any other fruit to make the meal way more delicious. 

Beef: Beef is high in calorie content, so should be given in limit. Instead of beef, you should try giving the chicken meat as it is quite low in calories and will serve as a great food option for your rat. 

Blueberries: This fruit is mostly not recommended for animals, but it is absolutely safe for rats. Your rat may get messy while eating this fruit so be careful, otherwise, it will cost you extra efforts to clean all that mess. 

Bread: Bread is may time reported to cause choke in rats. But still, you can give a small portion of bread to your rat. Make sure that bread is properly crushed and is in small pieces. Instead of giving the whole bread, we recommend you offer bread crumbs to your rat.   

Butternut squash: A properly cooked butternut squash is a safe food for rats. Make sure you have cooked the butternut squash properly before offering it to your rat. 

Celery: This vegetable is safe for the rat but is not so rich in nutritional content. 

Cheese: Cheese is high in protein and a small portion of it is safe for your rat. Soy cheese is a way healthier option. So instead of milk cheese, we recommend a switch to soy cheese for your rat.

Corn: Corn is a good option for the rat in order to provide them sufficient calories so that they can keep playing the entire day full of their energy.

Dog feed: It is a myth that dog food should only be given to dogs. You can give the dog feed to your rat. Dog treats are an ideal option for the treatment of your rat. An only a small portion of dog treats can be given to rats without any worry.   

Dried cereals: Cereals are a great option for rats in order to provide them with the best of their energy. You can give them puffed rice and it is going to be a delicious meal for your rat. As cereals are high in carb amount, so should be given in limit only. 

Oats: Any type of oat is good for rats and you can offer oats for a long time as you want. 

Grapes: Grapes will prove to be a healthy and delicious treat for your rat. You can give the grapes without any health complication-related worries. Instead, grapes are known to have an anti-cancer role in rats. 

Green beans: A cooked green bean recipe is very healthy and will help your rat to get a very nutritious diet.

Boiled- eggs: A properly boiled egg is a good choice of a healthy meal for your rat. But it should not be given on regular basis. It is reported to play beneficial roles in pregnant rats.

Safe Foods for Rats


Lettuce: Lettuce or any other leafy green vegetable is high in nutrition value thus plays a major role in providing the proper nutrition to your rat. 

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are okay for a rat but should be given in moderate amounts only. Also, make sure that you are giving only properly cooked mushrooms. 

Pasta: Pasta, whether boiled or dried, both are good for rats. The pasta with tangy citrus flavor or spinach flavor is considered a healthier and delicious treat for rats. 

Peaches: It is also a good option but doesn’t forget to remove pits and seeds from the fruit. Only the pulp part is safe while the seeds and pits may pose some health risks to your rat.

Pumpkins: The pulp portion of this fruit is good for a rat. But the seeds in this fruit are high in fat thus should be given in moderate amounts. 

Scrambled eggs: Like hard-boiled eggs, scrambled egg is also a good source of protein in rats. You should give this diet necessarily to the pregnant rat. 

Strawberries: Strawberries will not serve as a healthy meal but will also provide an option for a sweet and delicious meal for the rat. Offering strawberries will help you strengthen your bond with your rat along with serving him or her a healthy nutritious diet. 

Along with the above foods safe for rats, you can also offer you rat with apricots, blackberries, broccoli, carrots, cashews, cauliflowers, cherries, cranberries, cucumber, kale, kiwi, mealworm, melons, oatmeal, papaya, parsley, pears, plums, potatoes, raspberries, rice, and many more.   

The bottom line

So there is a list of safe foods for rats that you can offer them without any health risk. Instead of expensive commercial rat feed, you can comprise your own rat diet by mixing the above ingredients. I hope this article helps you. If any queries related to rats, do ask us any time.

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