What to Feed a Baby Bird Without Feathers?

It is quite common in springtime to see lost baby birds. Their merciful chirps can awaken the mothering instinct in any person even with the stone heart. Any person with a soft heart when seeing a baby bird lying side by the road makes the decision to take the bird home and nurse them back to a healthy life what to feed a baby bird with some feathers. But before you make any decision and adopt a baby bird, it is always a good idea to access the entire situation and make sure if you are doing good for the bird.

Before adopting a roadside pitiful-looking roadside baby bird, make sure that if this bird is actually abandoned? Often the starling baby bird you see on the roadside is actually playing or mistakenly came out from the nest. Also, when it is a heavy storm or other natural causes, they get fell from their nests. First, ensure that the baby bird is actually abandoned. We recommend checking the nearby area if there any bird nests. Wait until the evening, in the case when the mother bird still not come, now it is time to make the decision to nurse the what to feed a baby bird without feathers?

What to Feed a Baby Bird

Now before deciding to take care of the baby bird by yourself, a check is there any bird rehabilitation center nearby as they can do this job better. Before making any commitment, are you actually prepared to take care of this delicate creature? Baby birds are very delicate and they require constant nursing efforts in order to get back to a healthy lifestyle. In the case when you are ready for all these responsibilities, this guide will help you in taking care and feeding the young baby birds.

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In this article, we will present you with a complete guide on what to feed a baby bird without any hassle. So let’s get started.

What to Feed a Baby Bird

So you finally decide to adopt a baby bird, here we present you the guide on what to feed baby birds.

Recognize the Species of the Baby Bird

Before feeding the baby bird with anything or purchasing any feed item from the market, recognize the species of the bird. Different birds have different eating habits.

Some birds are insect eaters, while some are seed eaters. Some feed on fruits while meat is a better option for some birds.

The feed item for the baby bird depends on its species, size, age, and health conditions. Since baby birds are in their growing stage thus have a high metabolism, they require more frequent feeding and more food. The birds that reside in the garden can better survive on fruits and seeds.

How to Make Baby Bird Food?

The market is full of baby bird foods but when it comes to fulfilling the complete nutrition requirement of the bird, you should make any decision carefully. Often the baby bird food products in markets are of low quality and they fail to meet the nutrient requirements in feeding baby cardinal birds. But when you go for high-quality food products, they actually do a better job.

In the case of emergency when you need to what to feed a baby bird urgently, you can try any of the following options:

  1. Moistened dog feed.
  2. Moistened cat kibbles
  3. Cricket insects
  4. Mealworms
  5. Moistened dog biscuits
  6. Raw liver
  7. Hard-boiled eggs

What to Feed a Baby Bird

It is a good idea to what to feed a baby bird sparrow with baby pigeon milk. The nectar formula of sugar solution is best for hummingbirds.

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Before giving any hard food, make sure it is properly moistened and reaches the sponge-like consistency. Avoid using unnecessary so much water that the baby bird gets drown in it.

Chop the hardboiled egg or the mealworms in small pieces so that the baby bird can easily consume it.

What to Feed a Baby Bird Frequently

The mother bird does a very hard job while searching the food and then feed the babies. But this condition is not with you. You should feed that baby bird more frequently. The recommended frequency is to feed a baby bird every 20 to 30 minutes.

When the baby bird starts growing some feathers and opened its eyes, increases the food quantity but reduces the frequency.

Different Food Items for Different Birds

As mentioned above, different mother birds have different feeding habits. Though the feeding habits in baby birds are almost similar, if you can maintain their natural feeding habit, nothing can be better than this.

For insect eater birds, you should feed their do baby bird eat with insects like cricket, grasshoppers, mealworms, earthworms, etc. Chop them well before you present the feed in front of the bay so that they can easily consume it. Minced meat mixed with soya-based porridge is a great alternative for these mother birds.

Seedeater baby birds can easily survive on the fruits, vegetables, and seeds that you offer to them. It is good practice to moisten the food before you offer it to the baby bird.

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Mixing multi-vitamins and minerals in the feed baby birds are beneficial. They will not only enhance their health condition but will accelerate their growth as well.

What to Avoid While Feeding the Baby Bird?

It is often seen to what to feed a baby bird with milk and bread available in the house. It is a completely wrong practice. The milk good for mammals is not actually good for birds. They cannot digest them. In the case, you still want to feed a baby bird with milk, offer them baby pigeon milk instead.

Never Try Offering Water to the Baby Bird?

In the case when you don’t have any experience, never try giving water to the baby bird. Instead, you can feed them with moistened food items. This will fulfill their what do baby birds drink requirements.

If you try giving them water, they might get suffocated. Only provide the bird with water when they are old enough.

In the case when you see any dehydrated baby cardinal, call the local rehabilitation center nearby you and take their help in injecting fluid into their body.

The Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on what to feed a baby bird without feathers.

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