About Us

Pet Advices is the online authority to offer you all the things associated with pet care, health, diet, etc under a single platform. A Pet Advices, we love pets, and we believe that pets make our life much better.  

We the team of Pet Advices targets on providing you with the most reliable, accurate, and up to date information related to pets. 

All the information available on this platform is verified by qualified veterinarians. Our team aims to bring you the most correct, up to date, and detailed information.

All we want is to create the leading customized pet experience by offering expert advice and great product, all tailored as per our customer’s needs. Our mission is to enhance the life of the pet and pet parent and thus adding love to the world. 

To enable this, we guide every visitor that every pet deserves proper nutrition, lots of love, personalized care, and complete protection.