Best Info About White German Shepherd

Are you planning to adopt a white german shepherd puppy, but don’t know the way to take care of them? Here in this guide, we present you with a complete German shepherd guide and their care guide.

With their stunning look, the german shepherd will surely leave a paw print on your heart. Their fierce loyalty along with striking great appearance makes them a perfect breed among dog lovers. Their protective nature, itch to complete all challenging tasks, and good looks increase their popularity among dog lovers.

white german shepherd

In this guide, we will discuss each point you should know about the german shepherd. So let’s get started.

The Appearance of White German Shepherd Puppy

The look of this german shepherd breed makes it one of the most treasured breeds among dog lovers. This German shepherd breed looks more similar to a sleek white wolf. Their striking white color coat and large frame make this breed look like a real wolf who is sharing the room with you in your home.

This German shepherd comes in two varieties, one with solid white color while other varieties have white-colored coats having cream notes. Both this variety of white German shepherd dogs has incredible plush with a thick inner coat.

The German shepherd has a small to medium-sized coat with a slight amount of feathering which is usually sleek and straight.

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When you look at a German shepherd dogs, their coat looks like shining in the light, but when you actually touch them, they are rough in texture. The outer coat in this breed is rough and coarse to touch but the inner coat is a little soft.

The german shepherd shares the same physical characteristic in terms of body postures and shapes as another colored German shepherd. This breed is more muscular and slender in shape and with a proper diet, you can maintain their majestic look.

They have a slender and long muzzle with facial features indicating sharp landmarks. The ears in this breed after reaching adulthood have a triangular shape and stand upward at attention. But in the puppy stage, their ears stay floppy.

All these features give this breed an astonishing look and will surely stop you once in your way to search for a perfect dog.

White German Shepherd Personality

This breed is popular for its fierce loyalty toward those who love them and take care of them. They prove to be great and most loving companion dogs. You can trust this breed as a leader of the pack.

With their intense look, they may seem daunting to your friends and neighbors but in real they are welcoming and lovable friends when you raise them in an uplifting environment.

This breed is known for its dignified appearance. Those who look at this breed for the first time may feel it daunted but when you start loving them, you will see them as huge goofballs.

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They have guarding nature and will protect you every time. This breed is popular all around the world for their work ethics and they have a tendency to put their heart into everything they do. The german shepherd breeders that will make an incredible companion for you.

This breed loves playing with their favorite human partner and will always be protective of them. They love playing and being around their favorite human being. This purebred white German shepherd breed love participating in fetching up balls.

white german shepherd

When it comes to loyalty, no breed can compete in protecting you and other members of your family. They will prefer forming a close bond with you and your family and they will always stand by your side.

Are Our German Shepherds Rare?

Yes, they are rare species who only occurs when both the parent contains recessive gene only. Pure German shepherd with a long is coat is even rarer.

White German Shepherd Temperament?

They have a similar temperament as in the German shepherd of all colors. When you provoke them, they will get aggressive otherwise will not harm you.

With proper training and socialization, it is possible to control their aggressive temperament.

White German Shepherd Price?

Since this colored German shepherd is rare, so the breeder will obviously charge more than other GSD. A white german shepherd puppy with good health and from a reputable breeder will cost around $750 to $1500.

Are They Good Pets?

Yes, a pure white German shepherd proved to be a good pet. They love playing and being by your side always. These are lovable creatures who will protect you always.

Exercise Need for German Shepherd

They are a highly active breed that requires at least 1 hour of physical activity daily. This breed love playing, walking, running, fetching balls, and will gladly participate in every sport with you.

The German shepherd breeders is good in advanced sports activities like jumping, agility, herding as well. With little effort, you can make this intelligent breed learn to walk on treat meals alike. It will help to offer the required exercise to your pooch when you are in the mood for some lazy morning.

German Shepherd Training and Socialization

Like other dogs, the German shepherd dog also needs to be trained and socialized. With positive reinforcement, you can train them to a well-mannered dogs.

Early socialization is essential for them to make them social dogs. You should start socialization from the very beginning. When you get this dog for the first time, introduce them to others. Try to take them out and let him make more friends and socialize with other pets and people outside.

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Rewarding them with the treat on good behavior will make the training process easy. They don’t understand human language but will learn soon that their which activity bring them rewards. In order to get more rewards, they will continue repeating the same activity and develop a good habit. This way using positive reinforcement, you can teach them several commands like sit, No, stay, etc.

Grooming and Brushing

As mentioned earlier, this white shepherd breed has a double coat, the outer one is wiry and weatherproof and the inner one is insulating type. In order to manage this double coat, there is a need for regular grooming and brushing.

As these coats are coarse in texture, so a wire bristle brush is perfect for bushing purposes in white german shepherd breeders.

Bath and Hygiene

Because of their coat, they need a more frequent bath. You should provide them bath twice a week in summer and once in two weeks in winter.

German Shepherd Diet

They are medium-sized active breeds thus require more food with high energy content. In the case when you plan to have some commercial food, then make sure it is not full of fillers. Filler content should be less and it should be rich in protein and fiber content.

Overfeeding should be avoided as this can result in obesity while lower feeding will unable to meet all the dietary requirements of your pooch.

German Shepherd Health Issues

This dog is prone to several diseases. So timely vaccination and de-worming should be done. Also, while selecting the pup of a white haired german shepherd, check thoroughly that it is free of major illness. You can consult a veterinarian as well.

In the case when you find something unusual in your dog, then do consult your vet as soon as possible.

These dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia, heart disease, obesity, skin issues, etc., so prevention measures should be adopted to avoid these issues.

The Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on a white german shepherd. Those who are looking for some loyal, playful, active, and majestic looking dog, should consider this breed.

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