How to Care for a Saint Bernard Puppy? Facts and Traits

The arrival of a stain Bernard puppy is great excitement for all saint dog lovers. Having a saint Bernard puppy will give you a totally new experience. It is really a great feeling when you see how the dog St Bernard puppy’s look changes before your eyes. Unlike other giant breeds, the Saint Bernard puppy demands more attention than other breeds. Enjoy the puppyhood of this adorable breed with tiny razor-sharp claws and angel soft kisses.

saint bernard puppy

Being an owner of a Saint Bernard puppy, you will need to know some special tips in order to raise and take care of this adorable breed in its puppyhood stage especially when you are raising it for the first time. Those who are new owners and having their first breed as saint Bernard should read this guide till the end in order to learn the tips to take care of saint Bernard’s puppy. 

Tips to Take Care of a Saint Bernard Puppy for a New Owner

  1. In the case when your Saint Bernard bitch just delivered litter, keep the litter away from the mother. The mother size in saint Bernard is very large compare to the puppies. There is a high risk that the mother accidentally steps on the kid without knowing it. 
  2. Avoid keeping the mother and litter in the same box. If possible, make a soft new bed for the recently delivered puppies. 
  3. Once your new dog saint Bernard puppy reaches the age of 3 weeks, boo your vet appointment for the de-worming and vaccination schedule as prescribed by the vet. 
  4. In the starting weeks of saint Bernard, let the mother Saint Bernard do most of the work of their puppy but keep caressing the puppies to make them used to human touch. 
  5. After reaching 3 weeks of age, the puppy will start walking on their tiny cute legs. After this, they will require space to roam, roam, and roam. Prepare a yard for them to play and roam here and there. 
  6. Weaning is the process when the mother will start nursing less their puppies, and the puppies will start relying on solid food more. Offer the newly weaned puppy or the puppy in the weaning stage softened and moistened large breed puppy food. 
  7. Feed your saint Bernard puppy 6 times a day. As the puppy grows, reduce the frequency and increase the amount of food. 

How to Care for a Saint Bernard Puppy for a New Owner?

For a new owner, it is a completely new experience to raise and take care of a Saint Bernard puppy. Several people can’t raise a St Bernard puppy. But if you are a new saints dog owner and having a St Bernard puppies, don’t worry, here in this guide, we present you complete guide on how to care for a Saint Bernard puppy

Spent Lots of Time With Your Saint Bernard Puppies

As soon as you get the Saint Bernard puppy, spent as much time with the puppy as possible. It is the time when you can make a strong bond with your companion saints dog. The more you play with your pooch, the better will be your bonding. 

Feeding the Saint Bernard Puppy

There are more chances of the development of bloat in Saint Bernard puppies. It is a fatal condition in this breed. So there is a need for more caution while feeding your pooch.

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We recommend offering small meals more frequently. Never allow your fury baby to eat and drink more at one time. Divide the daily diet into several small meals. Only offer the high-quality saints dog feed having all essential nutrients in the balanced amount required by the saint Bernard baby.  

You can also consult your vet for a special recommendation for the diet plan of your new St Bernard puppies. 

In the case when you notice a bloat-like condition in your four-legged cute friend, meet your veterinarian as soon as possible. 


Saint Bernard breed has a dense furry coat that grows rapidly. Thus the breed requires the owner to groom and brush for at least 10 to fifteen minutes daily.

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In case of ignorance, there will be more chances of poor hygiene and will lead to skin irritation and tick growth issues. 

Bathing of Saint Bernard Puppy

Though bathing is less recommended in small puppies. But in the case of the saint Bernard puppy, the coat is very dense and catches more dust and dirt. Thus is requires more frequently. 

Though it is not recommended to bathe your pooch every day, whenever you feel your pooch stinking and looking dirty, bathe him with saint dog-safe shampoo. Don’t forget to clean the inner of the ears. Dry off the coat properly. 


As soon as the Saint Bernard puppy reaches the age of 3 weeks, book an appointment for a veterinarian. Vaccinate and de-worm your pooch as per the prescription by your veterinarian.      

Health Concerns Related to Saint Bernard Puppy


Since this breed is less active, there will be more chances of obesity in puppies as well. Monitor their weight in order to prevent obesity.

Eye Problems

Saint Bernard puppies face several eye issues. If you suspect any pain in their eyes, consult your vet soon.  

Gastric Dilation and Bloat

The incidence of bloat and gastric dilation is very high in the Saint Bernard breed. Never allow your pooch to eat and drink more at one time. Divide their everyday meal into several small portions. If you suspect any bloat-like condition, meet your veterinarian.

st bernard puppy


Saint Bernard is a less active dog. A simple walk for half an hour will be sufficient for this lazy monster to move. Also, they don’t require a large space to play and roam in. Just a small space is sufficient for this lovable puppy to play and roam. 

Avoid over-exertion and exercise after eating in this breed.    

Early Training and Socialization of the Saint Bernard Breed

Like other dogs, there is a need to train the Saint Bernard puppy from a very early age. They are an intelligent breed. In the case when you delay the training process, they will turn stubborn and immature.

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Since they are massive in size; their bad behaviors like jumping over other people can be risky and may have serious consequences. This makes it even more important to train and socializes your Saint Bernard breed. 

In order to socialize and train your Saint Bernard puppy, start training from a very early age as soon as you received the pooch. Take your fury baby daily to the park, introduce them to new people, pets, and kids. 

It is not recommended to punish your Saint Bernard puppy while the training process. train them with positive reinforcement. Reward the puppy with a treat when they show good behavior. 

Keep them engage in activities like cart pulling and obedience trail. The puppy since is very powerful will enjoy the activities. 

The Bottom Line

So this was a complete guide on how to care for a Saint Bernard puppy. These lazy monsters are adorable and require lots of love and attention.

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