Signs of Stress in Dogs and How to Relieve It From That

Stress is nothing but a feeling of excessive pressure and feeling of being stuck and this term is quite popular among human beings. But you know, for the reasons we humans tend to get stressed the same way stress in dogs also happens, and keeping this untreated can lead to shortening the lifespan of your beloved paw friends. The major reasons for signs of stress in dogs are being bored, scared, anxious, and also lack going out for walks too.

The best way to treat it is to first identify the signs your dog is stressed and also look for any critical signs of stress in dogs. As prevention is better than cure, it is beneficial for dog owners to know how to calm an anxious dog because that is usually the starting point of stress among the dogs.

signs of stress in dogs

How to Calm an Anxious Dog So That It Can Prevent From Making the Dog Stressed

  • Exercise and Walks: Regular exercises and scheduled walks can not only help your dog to stay fit but also help them to make themselves calmer. This period is beneficial for dog owners too to spend some quality time with your pet and get yourself in shape too.
  • Don’t Leave Them Alone: Dogs tend to get anxious when their owner leaves them for a longer period because they get scared that you will never come back or you left them. So it’s advisable that you not leave your dog for longer inside the house, you can hire some trusted and experienced nanny from till the time you are gone. This will give them a sense that somebody is with them.
  • Physical Touch and Cuddles: Believe it or not, the physical touch of a dog owner can give the dog an instant soothing effect. With cuddling and gentle physical touch, the dog’s anxiety symptoms also disappear due to the feeling of protection and belongingness.

Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed and Needs Serious Treatment

If you and your dog somehow failed to prevent anxiety then there is an 80% chance that your dog became stressed now so how to identify this problem to act on that as soon as possible.

So Common Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed

  • Loss of Appetite: The most common sign is that the dog will lose its appetite without any reason like being sick.

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  • Hiding: The stressed show the strong sign of being tense by backing up or hiding behind the owner or caretaker. They even dig and circle and hide behind anything.
  • Shivering: Is your dog shivering or trembling even when he/she is not cold or excited? Well, then this is the Signs of Stress in Dogs.
  • Increment in Bowel Movement: If the dog is suffering from increased bowel movement and taking a lot of potty breaks even though haven’t eaten much or anything else then this can also be the sign your is stressed.
  • Barking: When dogs constantly barks then they are trying to tell you something and need your attention because they are stressed and their loved ones understand them.

Subtle and Critical Signs of Stress in Dogs

Change in the Color of Eyes and Ears: When the dogs are extremely stressed, they start to blink their eyes rapidly and more. They also sometimes keep their eyes wide open and show more of the white portion of the eye (sclera). Ears tend to become alert (which are usually relaxed) and give a clear sign that your dog is stressed.

Excessive Grooming: When dogs start to groom themselves excessively then this is an indication that your dog is suffering from something serious and needs you to the fullest. Though you need a vet immediately before that, also try the techniques discussed in how to calm an anxious dog.

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Self-Mutilation: In the most severe cases, your dog starts hurting itself and this needs to be treated as soon as possible because sorry to say but this could be the sign your dog is dying.

How to Treat Stress in Dogs?

signs of stress in dogs

Dog Yoga A.K.A Dogya

When we are stressed, we are suggested to try some ancient yogic techniques to relieve ourselves. In the same ways, some experts have even built some of the postures and techniques, especially for dogs to relieve them from stress and help to improve dog mental health. You can search on the internet and help your dog in dogya or hire an Doga Yoga expert to do so.

Play Calming Music Related to Dog Psychology

Though doggies are not very different in behavior from humans there are few selected songs purposely made to make dogs calm and help to calm down anxiety or help in the treatment of stressed dogs. Research about these playlists or ask a dog mental health expert about how to treat stress in dog playlists and play those songs on lower volume and let your dog get this music therapy. It is also suggested during music therapy to sit with your dog and give him loving physical touches to give him a sense of belongingness.

Spending Time Outdoors

Spending more time outdoors in nature will help your dog to get some fresh air which will be not only beneficial to the dog’s mental health but also his/her overall health. Take your dog’s favorite balls and toys and start spending some quality time with your dogs by playing together with your two’s favorite games. Go for long walks and even plan some weekend hiking trips with your paw best friend.


Doggy mental health is as important as the physical health of the dog and after the time of pandemic the more and more critical signs of stress in dogs are seen and this is an alarming situation for dog parents. If your dog is acting weird and showing signs of stress in dogs then you start spending more time with your pet and also wrap him/her in the towel and let it rest on your lap.

Start going for more walks and also book regular appointments with the vet. Also, try not to leave them alone for very long, if you are leaving them talk to a friend, family member, or a nanny that can be with your pet if you are leaving for long.

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