Why Pugs Are the Worst Breed? Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pugs

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds preferred in several countries including America. But many pet owners and veterinarians consider that pugs are the worst breed. The question is why pugs are the worst breed?

With their charming, cute, loving, and clown-like look, this breed is often loved by people. Also, their compact look, wrinkled face, and short muzzle make people fall in love with this cute lovable pet.

This clown of the canine world is popular for its compact look, lovable nature, and these dogs love making their owner laugh and smile with their cute activities, loving behavior, and of course cute mischievous activities.

These pugs breed loves being with their preferred owner or in human companionship. This cute lap-type breed must have stolen your heart. But beware before buying this cute-looking breed as they are considered the worst breed by veterinarians and animal experts. 

After looking at the charming characteristics of this breed, the question arises, why do vets consider this pug dog breed as the worst breed? Why do vets never recommend dog owners to buy the pug breed? What are the reasons that make this cute canine creature worst to tame?

Why Pugs are the Worst Breed

Well, here in this guide, we are going to give you all the answers that why pugs are the worst breed and why one should not buy this breed?       

Why Pugs Are the Worst Breed and Why One Should Not Buy This Breed? – From a Pet Owner Perspective

Their charming, cute, and compact look with a wrinkled face and short muzzle make people fall in love with this canine buddy at first sight. Their fun-loving personality and play full nature attract most people. No doubt, they are the cutest creature and a small clown-like dog in the canine world who never mind wearing the costume of your preference. 

But then the question arises, Why are the pugs are the worst breed? Why one should not buy this breed? Along with their good characteristics, there are several more characteristics that make pugs the worst breed to live with.

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Though they are cute looking, good for fun dogs, and look like a small bumblebee when well dressed, but are having several characters that are not good for an ideal human companion dog pug. 

Despite their fun-loving and playful nature, they are the worst breed to live with. From the pet owner perspective, following we are listing some reasons that why pugs are the worst breed, and what makes this breed bad for a human to live with:

They Do Not Appreciate Cuddling:

Humans love taming dogs as their best cuddling partner, but if you are having pug temperament, then forget cuddling with your furry baby. The pug dog breed though loves adoring your lap but does not appreciate cuddling.

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Cuddling is one of the best therapy to release stress and reduce depression. This is the reason why many people tame dogs as their cuddling companions. But the pugs will never go to support you when you are in need of a cuddle. This cute furry creature hates cuddling and will not appreciate it when you cuddle them. This is one of the primary reasons why many people avoid taming a pug temperament. 

Their Stubborn and Manner Less Behavior:

Though they are fun-loving and loves making their owner smile, but are manner less also. Their manner less behavior make this breed not good for human companionship. They never ask your permission to play with your stuff and will damage them. Their damaging behavior is a sufficient reason that makes pugs the worst breed and not good for the taming purpose. They are often reported for damaging the furniture and many other kinds of stuff that are available in-house. 

Love Attention and Fake Illness:

Loving attention is a common behavior found in pet dogs. But this breed can fake their illness as well in order to get your attention which is sometimes frustrating. 

They Love Always With You:

This character of the pug breed might sound good but in actuality, it is irritating. The pugs will never be going to leave you alone. They will always be with you which is very irritating. They are a possessive type breed and never want you to give your time to anybody other. Also, this breed is more prone to separation anxiety which makes it not so good breed as pets. 

Why Pugs Are the Worst Breed and Why Do Veterinarians Never Recommend People to Tame Pugs?

From the pet owner’s perspective, we have already mentioned some reasons above that pugs are the worst breed. But they are also not considered good pets by veterinarians and animal experts as well. The animal experts also never recommend buying this pet dog breed. Here we are presenting you some reasons from the veterinarian and animal expert perspective that pugs are the worst breed and why one should not buy pugs:               

Pug Dog Health

The pug breed is considered cute because of its short muzzle, but this short muzzle makes this breed not perfect as a pet. The reason is that the short muzzle in this canine buddy leads to several respiratory illnesses. Since their muzzle is short and nostril is pressed, they face several kinds of respiratory illness. Also, they are having a small compact body which makes the cute furry baby face several kinds of breathing issues as well.

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Other than respiratory illness, because of their body structure and their feeding behavior, they face several other kinds of illness and health issues as well. Other illness common in this breed includes eye diseases, hip dysplasia, etc. All these diseases in pugs will cost you a bomb. Along with an unhealthy pooch, you will also need to face the stress of the expenditure in a veterinarian clinic as well. 

Climatic Tolerance

Pugs cannot tolerate the extreme of any weather condition. In fact, they cannot tolerate a bit of extra heat. Because of their compact body and anatomical structure of their body, they are not meant to survive in hot weather conditions and they cannot take extra heat. This is why you need to put this breed always in air condition in hot weather conditions which will cost you another bomb.

Why Pugs are the Worst Breed

Since they are having short muzzles, it is quite difficult for the dog to pant in host temperature in order to throw out extra heat from their body. As they cannot pan, they are more prone to heatstroke even in a bit of hot temperature. In order to help your pug survive well, you will need to spend a good amount in protecting your canine buddy from the external hot climatic temperature. 

Shedding Issues

Though pugs are a short-haired breed but are having big shedding issues. They shed a lot throughout the entire year and the shedding issues increase twice a year. During the shedding season, this breed blows out its complete inner coat.

Pug Training

As mentioned above, the breed is not only manner less but are very difficult to train as well. Because of their stubborn behavior, it often becomes difficult for the owner to train this canine buddy. They are less likely to follow the command and do what they like. Also, several professional dog trainers also reported this breed to be the most challenging breed to train. 

Pug Caring

The pug puppy breed is high maintenance dog that requires you to spend a lot of bucks in order to maintain this breed in the best of their condition. Also, they require a high grooming schedule and require you to brush or groom this breed at least twice a day. Also, they have more growth of nails in comparison to other dog breeds and thus require comparatively more general care and maintenance. This breed is more prone to ear infections and thus requires you to pay special attention to keeping their ears clean as well. 

Separation Anxiety

As mentioned above, this breed is going to be your shadow which is very irritating. They will never leave you alone and will always be following you everywhere.  

And, for attention, this breed is also known to fake their illness which is very frustrating. The pugs are more prone to separation anxiety. When you leave this dog alone, it will face severe separation anxiety and might fall ill.       

With proper training, you can train this dog to leave alone when you are outside. But, once you arrive home, they will be your shadow everywhere. 

Lower Physical Activity and Lethargic Behavior

The breed because of its anatomical body structure is a lethargic type breed. Though they love playing but not after getting tired. They will never support you in your long walk. There are chances that the pugs initially go with you for a long walk, but in between the track, after getting tired, they will expect you to carry them back home. In case when you do not do as per their expectation, they will sit in between the track and start resting there only. 

Feeding Habits

When comes to food, the pugs are very greedy. They are very fond of food items and will eat everything. This leads to obesity issues in this breed which can further lead to many more health complications. Also, when you restrict their feeding, they will get sad. 

The Bottom Line

So these are some reasons both from the pet owner prospects and from the veterinarian or animal expert prospects that why pugs are the worst breed and why one should not buy this breed. I hope this guide helps you. If you have any pet-related queries, please do not hesitate to ask us via the comment section below. 

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